Mayborn vs. Jane – Round 1

Take a standard two-pack of saltine crackers. You know, the kind that come with soup at restaurants (is anyone really eating the crackers?). Now crush them into small shards resembling the sand of a low-rate beach. Do you have your sand? Now…pour it into your eyes and rub it in. That will give you a taste of how I’ve felt lately.

I started graduate school this past August. And with school, I started my job as a Teaching Assistant. The Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism and I are in a fight, and the Mayborn is winning. I have bags under my bloodshot eyes (larger than normal), my hair is always tied back in a wet knot via Lilith from Frasier, and whatever small social life I once had is gone.

The GAB (the building in which I work and attend classes) is my new home now. Nevermind the house my mail comes to, that I pay taxes on, at which I keep food – I live on campus now! While my new home leaves a bit to be desired in the interior decorating department, there are some perks. I get five bathrooms (what woman wouldn’t love that?), a snack and soda machine, free filtered water and lovely roommates with which to share it all. I hope I don’t get too spoiled!

So if you’re ever in Denton, come by the GAB and see me. Who knows, I may even put out some crackers for you.